i/o ventures

The i/o Startup Accelerator is a 3 month program to help you launch a product and build a company.

Our partners come from companies like MySpace and BitTorrent, and mentors from companies like Yelp, Digg, Mint, MochiMedia, and OpenDNS. We know how hard it is to build something, and how amazing it is to see it grow. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded entrepreneurs has helped us over the years, and i/o Ventures is our official clubhouse to create a constructive, valuable atmosphere for startups. The San Francisco Bay Area has been the preeminent hub for technology entrepreneurship for years, and we invite entrepreneurs worldwide to apply for space in the Accelerator program. Take the best of what San Francisco has to offer for 4 months, and then choose the best home for your company, where ever it may be!

We ask our portfolio companies to be in the bay area during the program to take full advantage of our resources. The program starts with Orientation. You’ll hear from a variety of veteran entrepreneurs providing a candid look at the ups and downs of starting a company. In parallel, we’ll refer you to reputable legal resources in the tech industry to handle your company’s formation and other formalities as necessary.

Then the fun begins. For the next 3 months you’ll be intensively focused on your product’s market readiness. This is the labor of love and where the magic happens. Expect constant iteration of your product, and tons of critical feedback. Throughout this period we’ll be holding weekly one on one ‘office hours’ as well as events to meet other entrepreneurs. This is when you’ll be able to sit down and really absorb some of the knowledge that our mentors and various speakers have to offer.

We also will hold an offsite with all the i/o companies along with a group of mentors. We all believe in working our tails off, but we need to have some fun as well! The most honest discussions, best feedback, and most memorable experiences often happen on a chairlift while snowboarding, on a nice hike or around a campfire. Every one of us at i/o can attest to that personally.

Near the end of the three month program, comes Demo Day. We’ll invite some of the best angel investors and venture capitalists from the Silicon Valley to hear your story. This serves as an unofficial graduation of the program, but by no means does it end here. Feel free to hang out at our space for a couple more months, as the next batch of companies flows in. We’re constantly engaged with you, and would love nothing more than to see you hit your next milestone be it angel, VC, reaching profitability, or being acquired.

Funding details

This part is simple. Fill out the application on our site. If you’re selected, we’d like to invest up to $25,000 in your company. This should be able to cover all your expenses during the program. We think of ourselves as advisors or even co-founders in your venture, rather than typical investors. We get Common Stock just like you (and your co-founders and employees) and we work with you side-by-side to make your company a huge success. For this, plus the mentorship, use of the work space, and any introductions we can provide, we receive 8% of your Common Stock. And when you leave our program, we sit on your side of the table!